Megan Nones

tel 404.509.9872

“Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye.” ~ Dorothy Parker

Megan Nones  |  Art Director specializing in brand identity development and integrated communications.

Celebrating 16 years of developing projects, managing creative teams and making visions come to life.

Megan doesn’t like writing about herself in third person, so enough of that.

Instead, I’ll tell you how after 20 years of fresh mozzarella, historically monumental living and impossibly fashionable everything, I packed up my Italian family, computer and paint brush and relocated to the Atlanta area with one thing in mind: wide horizons and new perspectives.

With a 16 year history as a Art Direction and Graphic Design, I specialize in concept development, brand identity and project planning and offer a vast array of work across a multiple of mediums. I have succeeded in directing projects which range from logo and company profile development to promotional advertising, package design as well as exhibition stand design. I am a passionate and inventive creator; accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments with emphasis on working within budget requirements. Creatively flexible and prepared to work for a multitude of industries.

I am currently employed at Accent Decor, Inc (Norcross, GA) as Art Director and am the main liaison between Creative VP and the design team, translating and developing marketing and creative initiatives from concept to completion on all mediums. I successfully lead a talented team composed of: digital graphic designer, print graphic designer, social media strategist, studio photographer, location photographer, studio coordinator, and copywriter. Photoshoot conceptualizing, storyboarding, management, product styling and production is an important part of my role as Art Director with Accent Decor.

I strongly believe in developing creative projects and team relations through a holistic and transparent process. I apply 6 core strengths in all of my personal and professional relations:

  • Self-awareness
  • Sense of direction
  • Improved focus and effectiveness
  • Motivation
  • Greater resilience
  • More fulfilling relationships

My rich European experience and personal development are unique and invaluable qualities that I integrate within each task. I am qualified and eager partner and enjoy fast-paced environments.

photo credit: Giorgio Salvatori